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Sustainable Living Workshops

“Organic gardening is all about the soil not the plants. If you have healthy living soil you will get healthy plants, animals and healthy humans! ”



Kitchen Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening is about understanding the vital role of all life forms operating in healthy soils. It is the diversity of life forms in the soil which gives plants their natural immunity to pest & disease attack.


This soil life which is also the powerhouse for the natural fertility system, will only be healthy & effective if the soil has adequate levels & diversity and Organic Matter, decomposing into HUMUS.


Hot Composting

Nutrients are best introduced through Composting.

Composting turns garden & household waste into a valuable soil conditioner called HUMUS which improves the physical qualities & fertility, resulting in greater vitality & yields.


Worm Farming

Worm Farming is another way of composting your kitchen food scraps turning it into valuable worm castings/ worm juice which are a valuable source of fertilizer for your veggie garden.


Learn more about Permaculture and Our Work! 

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