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“Denis is extremely reliable, knowledgeable and professional and a pleasure to work with.”

Meet Denis Madeleine

I am Denis Medeleine, an experienced & professionally accredited practising permaculturist with a passion for sustainability practices.

  • Cert.4 in Training & Assessment.

  • Accredited Permaculture Training- Cert.4 (Permaculture Design Course, Creative Community  Facilitation Course, Sustainable Aid & Community Development Course, Permaculture Teacher Training & Facilitation Course).

  • Gardening with Permaculture- TAFE.

  • Cert.3 in Trade Horticulture, TAFE.

  • Associate Diploma Rural Techniques (Agronomy).

  • Cert.3 in Production Horticulture, TAFE.

Denis Madeleine


is building and growing Permaculture Services and regularly consults, designs & implements permaculture gardens for his many customers whilst teaching Permaculture to his students.


In his spare time Denis is a regular contributor and volunteer at the local Northern Rivers Community Gardens.



In 1983 when Denis Madeleine left Mauritius to study an Associate Diploma in Rural Techniques (Agronomy) in Queensland Australia. On his graduation Denis accepted a position working as a field crop assistant Agronomist in Gatton. In 1996 Denis accepted a position as a field crop manager of copra and cacao plantations in PNG.

Returning to Australia in 1997 Denis moved out of the rural farming environment and began studying Horticulture while working as a landscape gardener. He started his own garden maintenance & landscaping business on Sydney's North Shore which he successful ran for twelve years. During this time he became disillusioned with the amount of pesticides he was using so in 2006 Denis decided to take action and explore a natural alternative. 


He joined Permaculture Sydney North and there, he attended workshops, meetings and got involved with permablitzes in the suburbs of Sydney. In 2009, Denis sold his horticultural business and travelled to Denmark, Western Australia to complete his first Permaculture Design Course (PDC) with Living Waters Permaculture Foundation. In 2011, he joined Permaculture College Australia where he completed his APT Cert.4 under the supervision of Robyn Francis.

In May 2012, Denis returned to Mauritius (his native country) where he saw an immanent need for the introduction of Permaculture. For 3 years he taught workshops, consulted, wrote and published articles, built networks & taught organic gardening to school children. In March 2015 Denis returned to Australia and started building his permaculture business, Permalife Services.  He completed his Certificate in Nutritional Farming to further his studies in Sustainable Agriculture and his Cert.4 in Training & Assessment. Denis has been sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience through working as a permaculture tutor to Cert.3 students within the Byron Community College for 6 month.

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